At Fibres of Freedom™ we believe that simple style can be elegant AND good for the planet and for people.

Our production and profits support farmers to grow chemical-free cotton and other natural fibres and sustain artisans practicing traditional weaving and hand embroidery.

Our garments are created with:

  • Indigenous cotton seeds (no toxic chemicals used to grow them!)
  • Handspun yarn
  • Traditional, handwoven cloth
  • Artisanal hand embroidery
  • Fair price for cotton and fair wages

Fibres of Freedom celebrates the beauty that the earth provides and our hands create!


Our story begins with the seed

Our story is distinctive because we begin with the seed. Many traditional, native seeds that have grown for centuries without chemicals are being replaced by industrial seeds that require toxic chemicals and a lot of water.

Fibres of Freedom works with diverse communities in India to establish seed banks to ensure that farmers have free access to indigenous, native seed varieties. We are in communities providing education and outreach to restore traditional, ecological farming methods. And, Fibres of Freedom is reviving artisanal skills such as weaving, embroidery, and more.

When you purchase a garment by Fibres of Freedom you are supporting a network of social and environmental integrity!
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NardanyaThe Fibres of Freedom project in India is organized by activist and physicist Dr. Vandana Shiva. To learn more, see Who We Are and visit