D&N Designs was co-founded by Debbie Barker and Nisha Sahai to establish a product line connected to the Fibres of Freedom project. The Fibres of Freedom project was created by activist and physicist Dr. Vandana Shiva and launched through Navdanya—an earth democracy movement founded over two decades ago. For more information, see www.localizes.com.


Debbie Barker’s style view is stimulated by her travels around the globe while working on food and agricultural policy. Combining vibrant textures and style with integrity for diverse cultures and the planet inspire her vision.

Nisha Sahai brings a fresh vision of design inspired by the
diverse cultures and history of India. Curating between traditional artisanal skills and the splendor of India’s ancient art and architecture, Nisha embues her design with elegance and simplicity. Nisha lives in New Delhi, India, with her husband Vijay.

Watch for updates and meet the farmers, weavers, and other
artisans who are part of Fibres of Freedom.